Castle Schönbrunn

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If you go in or go running into Schönbrunn at a late hour, it can happen that you don’t get to the side gates in time and stand in front of locked gates.

How do you get out of Schönbrunn Palace Park after the park is closed?  

If you go in at the Hitziger Gate to Schönbrunn during the park opening times, the following information is attached to the large Gate. It says here that after the parking lock, leaving the park is only possible through the main gate in the middle.

However, if you have parked at the Hietziger Tor or want to take the U4 Hietzing home, the long way to the main gate is still a long way. From the Hietzinger Tor to the Meidlinger Tor on the other side it is about 1500 meters. For all runners it is 3 km from the Hietzinger Tor to the Meidlinger Tor and back.

If you walk from the Hietzinger Tor on the asphalted path to the main exit, you can also exit at the small gate on the left. Here are photos of this gate looking in the direction of Hietzinger Tor.

I can only highly recommend the park to all runners, Nordic walkers and other sports enthusiasts, as it is very spacious and there is a toilet and a water point on both sides of the park (i.e. every 1.5 km). In the summer, the avenues provide shade and it’s a bit cooler because the park is on gravel and not hot asphalt.

A lot more information about the sights can be found under Schloss Schönbrunn

Have fun doing sports in the park.